In Marketing, Targeting Is (Almost) Everything You Can Have A Unique Sales Proposition From A Forum Or Circumstance

If you’re the only company offering a solution to a pain-point in an area or forum, it amounts to a Unique Sales Proposition, even if the product is not original or otherwise differentiated.

I believe Allan Dib pointed this out, so credit goes to him, but if you are selling Sno-Cones in the desert, does their quality really matter?

What about price? 

No. No they don’t matter at all. You’re going to do just fine. 

If you’re offering something nobody else can, you are a monopoly. And sometimes this can be achieved by your location or situation or ‘forum’ as we like to call it. 

It’s the unfair advantage movie theaters, theme parks, tow services in the middle of nowhere, 24-hour bail bondsmen, and airlines have known about for a while.

We don’t advise gouging people, or otherwise not providing a quality service or product for a fair price, but if demand exists and you’ve managed to be the only vendor, you’re going to do well. Sometimes this is dictated by location or forum, and not your own innovation.