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We Are FlashPointLabs On A Mission Of Mercy

What If Someone Could Explain To You Why Google Is Getting Rich From Your Ads, While You’re Struggling To Drive Traffic And Leads? What If You Could Supercharge *Necessary* Ads Placements With Offers People Loved? 

Marketing Without Content Is Like Fishing Without bait

Your Desire To Sell, And Customers’ Desire For Solutions, Only *Seem* Like Aligning Interests.

In Truth, You Want To Sell Them *Your* Product, While They Want To Research, Consider, And Select The *Right* Product. These Are Very Different Things.

Consider Your Own Purchasing Habits

It’s Worth Repeating: Buyers Don’t Care About Your Ad Or Brochure, Until The *Very End* Of The Buyer Journey or Sales Cycle. 

Buyers Want To Research Quality Content, Consider Options And *Choose* The Best Solution To Their Problem Or Need.

Buyers Drive The Sales Cycle, And You Sell Only *By Luck* If You Don’t Understand This Reality. 

World-Class Content We Produce, Making Our Clients 'Thought Leaders'

The Average Person Spends 7 Hours A Day Consuming Content, But You Can’t Pay Them To Look At An Ad, Brochure, Or To Take A Sales Call.

Why Not Get On The *Smart* Side Of That – And Create Articles, Blog Posts, Studies, Research Papers, Analyst’s Reports, Infographics,  And Video – That ‘Pulls’ Leads With Helpful,  Content, Instead Of ‘Pushing’ Ads On Them?

Technical Papers, Reports, FAQs, Fact Sheets

Technical Illustrations And CAD Renderings


Print And Web Infographics

Press Releases And Sponsored Articles

DSLR Product And lifestyle Photography

We've Got Receipts For What We Are Saying

We’ve Spent Years In The Marketing Trenches, And Have Ventured Beyond The Technology. We’re Here To Teach Businesses To Market *As They Buy*. It’s More Fun And Enormously Profitable To Put Buyers’ Needs First.