Pricing And Service Packages

We're Open About Pricing Because We Provide Value

We charge blue chip (funded clients in technical verticals, already viable tech companies) $250/hr. to be on-site. We can negotiate from there, depending on a client’s situation.

Unlike other consultants, one of us *is* a team. Since we’re end-to-end, there is no down-time. No handing-off. No emails. No meetings. No delays. No administrative waste.

When we’re on-site, we have the output of a 4-person team of marketers, each charging $70 an hour, but with higher quality.

No-Charge Zoom Or Telephone Consult

30-Minute (No Charge), Or A 60-Minute (Fee) Consult
  • Strategic Site Review And Client-Directed Q&A On Content Or 'Pull' Marketing, Marketing In General
  • Technical SEO Analysis And Sceaming Frog Site Index And Audit
  • Recommendations For Branding/Messaging, Content And Marketing Channels

We Come On-Site And Produce Game-Changing Content

For Select Clients (We Don’t Take On Everybody), We Can Come On-Site, And Perform A ‘Content Explosion’ (A Focused, 2 – 12 Week Engagement Designed To Establish You As A ‘Thought Leader’ In your Vertical), Driving Traffic, Leads And Sales Long After Our Engagement Ends.

Offer Funnel Or Ladder Campaign

Optimizing Your Content Ecosystem And CRM Segmentation To Best 'Pull' And Qualify Sales Leads
$ 4,999 Per Engagement
  • Creation Of 4 Variegated, High-Value, Content Pieces Or Lead Magnets (Used To Gather Signals)
  • 4 Corresponding Landing Pages
  • Performance Analysis, CRM Segmentation And Lead Scoring
  • Ladder Culminates To SQL Lead/Sales List Of New And Existing CRM Contacts

Lunch And learn (Limited To The SF Bay)

On-Site Training Of Principals Or Marketing Staff On 'Pull Marketing' In The 'Selective Consumption' Economy
$ 1,999 Per Engagement
  • 1.5 Hours
  • Slide Deck, Talk, Q&A
  • 30-Page 'Red Pill Marketing' Book
  • Workshop And Workbook

Content 'Explosion'

Multi-Week On-Site Visit Producing An Ecosystem Of World-Class Content; Optimization Of Marketing Operation; Training
$ 9,999* Per Week; $2,000 Of This Goes To Contracted Designers At No Markup
  • FlashPointLabs Principal, On-Site
  • Performance Audit, Benchmarking And Reporting
  • Branding, Messaging, And Market Research
  • Web (Logo, Color And Font Work As Needed), Info Architecture And UX Redesign
  • Web Copywriting And Graphics And Stock Image Curation Or Creation
  • Google Analytics, AdWords, Domain Analytics Deployment
  • Client Database Build From Email Or Accounting Records, And CRM Deployment
  • Marketing Stack Creation, Audit And Reconfiguration
  • As Many 'Lunch And Learn' Sessions As Desired
  • Interviews To Absorb Client Culture And Identify Potential Content Sources And Contributors
  • Creation Of Roughly 20 World-Class Content Pieces/Week (Posters, Print, Video, Web and eBook Copy, Press)
  • Writing And Production Of Video Is Included (Less Expense Of Actors/Locations)
  • Repurposing Or Recreation Of Dozens Of Internal Content Pieces To Face Externally
  • Content Includes Complex And Simple, Short And Long Form, Multimedia And Even Press
  • Roughly 4x The Content Of The 'Performance Markeitng Mercs' Service Package, Below
  • Creation Of Content Calendar
  • Management Of Placement Of Content And Offers In 'Funnel Tops'
  • 3 Additional 1 hr. Consult Calls After Engagement; 2 Years Of Quarterly 'Check-Ins' For No Charge

Trust Your Site With Us

With Or Without An On-Site ‘Content Explosion’ (Above), We Offer End-To-End Marketing Solutions, That Start With Offering Stress-Free, Technical Web Support, To Web Support With Hosting, All The Way To: You Can Fire Your Current Marketers And Turn It All Over To Us, And We’ll Politely Exit If We Don’t Deliver Big Wins.

Keeping Momentum

We Keep The ‘Flywheel’ Of Your Web Presence And CRM Contacts Spinning.

Marketing And Web

$ 1,499 Month
  • Monthly Google Review Push And Check
  • Around-The-Clock Up-Time Monitoring


  • Around-The-Clock Security Monitoring
  • Keyword Rank Monitoring
  • Traffic And Signup Monitoring
  • On- And Off-Line Site Backups
  • Link And SEO Optmization
  • Performance Report
  • Paid Ad Management On 2 Platforms (Your Creatives)


  • 4 Service Calls (Upload, Change); These Do Not Roll-Over If Unused
  • 1 Short Form Content Piece (e.g. Blog Article); These Do Not Roll-Over If Unused
  • 1 Segmented Email Offer

Building Momentum

We Spin The Wheel A Bit Faster, And Provide Better ‘Bearings’ (Faster Hosting).

Marketing, Web And Hosting

$ 1,999 Month
  • All Features From The 'Manage' Tier
  • Paid Ad Management On 4 Platforms
  • 8 Service Calls (Upload, Change); These Do Not Roll-Over If Unused
  • 2 Short Form Content Pieces (e.g. Blog Article); May Be Rolled-Over Into Researched, Graphic, Or Multi-Media Content Piece
  • 2 Segmented Email Offers

Performance Marketing Mercs

We’re Your *Expert* Marketing Department, Without Hiring Or Spending $30,000/mo.

No-Obligation Marketing

$ 9,999 Month
  • At This Tier, We Take Aggressive And Jealous Ownership Of The Objective Of Dominating The Competition In Your Vertical (Performance Marketing)
  • You May Host Your Site Or Not
  • This Price Includes A 'Creatives' Budget Of Roughly $1,500/mo. And An 'Ad Spend' Budget Of The Same: $1,500/mo.; Actual Fees Paid To FlashPointLabs Are $6,999/mo.
  • This Is An Elective 'Performance Marketing' Engagement That Can Be Terminated If Our Results Aren't Satisfactory (If We Don't Get The Big Wins, *We* Will Politely Exit), And Renegotiated If We Require More Resources

Why Is FlashPoint Labs Your Best Content Option?

So, You’re A Quick Learner. You Realize You Need Content, And That Having Your Intern Blog For You Isn’t Going To Cut It. FlashPointLabs Does The Impossible, By Being High-Quality, Prolific, Fast, And Affordable – All At Once.

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