Marketing Channel Selection Tool

Are you marketing a specific product, or an ecommerce solution with many products?
What is the top-level classification of your solution?
How acute (urgent) is your demo's pain-point - Is 'soonest' often the best?
Do your buyers research a lot before making a purchase from you?
How competitive is your market - If you Google search your solution, is the volume of hits large?
How mature is your market? Do people know they have this problem?
How much does your product cost?
Can you service people outside your immediate geographic area?
If you are in a mature market, do you fix an existing problem in a novel or markedly better way?
Do you have a unique sales proposition? Are you serving a niche market?
If your product has wide appeal, is it simply amazing or game-changing (like iPhone)
How dispensable is your solution? Can people live without it?
Does your demographic spend a lot of time on the Internet, specifically social media?
Is one person the decision-maker for your solution?
Do you expect to up-sell or re-sell to your client base?
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