Marketing Channel Selection Tool

Where do you expect people to discover your product or service?
Does your product's existence, value, modality (how it works), or use case (when it's appropriate) require explaining?
Is your product's demographic more sophisticated and skeptical, or simple and trusting?
Are you trying to promote an upcoming event in your region?
Does a single person typically purchase your product or service, or is buy-in from multiple involved?
Are you a local brick-and-mortar food truck or restaurant?
How urgent is buyer need or pain-point for your product or service?
Are you first to market with your product or service? (Only answer if you're *not* a brick-and-mortar business).
Assuming you're not first to market, how competitive is your market?
Is your product so amazing that the press will cover it (e.g. an iPhone?) If you aren't sure, answer *no*.
Are you an ecommerce store with multiple products?
Will the *quickest or easiest* option for your class of service or product suffice (bail bondsman, notary public, dentist, etc.)?
Is your monthly advertising budget large, or small, considering your product cost and the potential for returns?
Is yours a brick-and-mortar business (law office, grocery store, mechanic, food franchise) one can expect to find in any town?
What is the cost of your product or service? If it is a repeat or subscription service, provide the average contract value.
Can you sell to customers outside your region?
If you are brick-and-mortar business, do you get a reasonable amount of foot traffic?
Are you a national brand with deep pockets?
Is your product's demographic over age 55?
Is your product's demographic under age 34
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