Are You Committing Interruption 'Push' Egocentric Mass Marketing Mistakes?

We Want To Empower you So You Don't *Need* Us

You’re you’re a startup founder or business owner/executive. You’d be forgiven if you were not conversant about how the Internet and Web 2.0 empowered buyers and changed marketing *forever*. 

Many Companies Believe That Appealing To The Widest Possible Demographic Will Equal Profits.

A Big Demographic Doesn’t Equal Profits. It Equals *Competition*. Not Only Are There More Competitors For Non-Differentiated Products And Services, But Consumers – Who Are Overwhelmed With Choices – See You As ‘Just Like Everybody Else’. The Wins You *Do* Get Are Divided By More Players.

We Help Clients Embrace What Makes Them Different. When They Find Their ‘North Star’, They Appeal To A Hitherto ‘Invisible’ Market. Differentiation Makes Our Clients Thought Leaders, With A *Monopoly*.

Easy Access To Powerful Targeting Tools, Analytics Dashboards, And Even Ad Platforms Have Convinced Those Who Understand The *Technology* Of Marketing, They They Are Actually *Marketing*. hey Are Not.

Marketing Has Never Required The Combination Of Psychology, Creativity, Inspiration, And Philosophy That It Does Today – Beyond ‘Tech Chops’ Basics. Understanding Aggregate Human Behavior And Motivations Is For *Heavyweights*. Our Work *Starts* With Assembling Or Debugging The Soulless Technology Of A Marketing Stack.

Understanding How Various Conversion Factors (Average Conversion Time, Conversion Threshold) Indicate Which ‘Funnel Tops’ (Paid Or Organic, Social Or Web Copy, Etc.) Is Complicated. It’s Like A Fisherman/woman Knowing Where Fish Are Biting.

But Even If One Knows Which ‘Lake’ To Fish In, He Won’t Catch Anything Without *Bait*! The ‘Bait’ Is Offers At Funnel Tops (Social, Ads, Even SEO), And The Content Offered In Those Placements, In Mid-To-Lower Funnel (On Your Website).

We Are Experts At Deciding Where To ‘Fish’, Depending On Multiple Variables, And Preparing You With Inspired Content. 

Every Year Or So, Some New Marketing Tech Emerges (ABM, Programmatic, Automation, Geofencing, Lead Validation, Etc.), Which Then Gets Paired With A 1950’s ‘Push/y’ Madison Avenue Mentality. 

Everybody Rushes To The New Technology, And Wins Are Split. Eventually, It Doesn’t Rescue Mediocre Marketers.

The Tools Evolve; The Thinking And The Psychology Of Most Marketers Does Not.

But The Perennial Wins Go To Those Who Understand The New Reality: Sales Are Buyer-Driven. People Hate Ads. People Want To Research And Be Left Alone Until The *End*.

So, You Managed To Get Traffic Without Offers In Your Funnel Tops; Maybe The Targeting Was Exceptional, Or Timing Was Lucky.

That Traffic Will *Bounce*, Or *Exit* Your Site If The Site Itself And Copy/Content On Your Site Isn’t *The Best* Content People Can Find In Your Niche.

The Internet is ‘Winner Take All’: Everybody Wants *The Best*, And Sites With The Best Can Handle The Traffic And Serve Everybody.

Being Second, With Search And Content – In Any Given Niche – Is Being The First Loser. It’s A Brutal Truth, But Should Inspire You To Raise Your Content ‘Game’.

In Your Effort To Explain What You Do And Who You Are To Traffic And Leads, You End Up Talking About Yourself. 90% Of Websites Are Digital ‘Brochures’. But Nobody Likes To Hear Others Talk About Themselves. 

It *Seems* Like Your Need To Sell A Product And Your Demographic’s Desire To Solve A Problem Intersect, But Dive Deeper.

We Mapped Out The Buyer Journey, And At No Point Is It Not Buyer-Driven. So, At Any Point In The Sales Cycle, Buyers Are In Charge. Even At The End, When They *Will* Read Your Brochure, Or Want TO Talk To Sales, They Are In Charge. If You’ve Been Selling Without Respecting This, We’d Maintain It Was By Luck.

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