Why Am I Giving Away A $1,197 Report For Free?

My name is Zack West. I’m a former tech professional who started a marketing agency over a decade ago. Most ‘marketers’ are imitating marketing without realizing it. They enter a saturated market with undifferentiated, weak offers for a product with no brand story or messaging; they offer ads, content and a website that has no compelling reason to engage, and spend your money at scale to interrupt people – only to jubilate over a .2% click-through rate. The truth is there is no barrier to entry for marketers, and the profession has become flooded with charlatans and grifters. Why is this report free? To get leads and show how it’s done.


Comprehensive Marketing Health Checkup ($599 Value)

Bonus Report 1: Messaging Drill-Down

Offers, Offer Ladders, Brand Story, Messaging ($299 Value)

Bonus Report 3: Drill-Down Into 'Four P's'

Product, Placement, Pricing, Positioning ($299 Value)

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Bryan James
Bryan James
President, MBS Engineering
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We got results like we never would have imagined. Our traffic went from 1,500 unique hits a month, with little engagement, to 30,000, with the same modest AdWords budget.
Roland Matte
Roland Matte
President, BullStaffing.Co
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FlashPoint was able to affordably redesign our website and get us started with simple content, for a great price.
Jason Olbourne
Jason Olbourne
A Million Mums
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We were delighted with the web design and hosting provided by FlashPointLabs.
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