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We Are A Full-Service Marketing Agency And Consultancy

Viral Live Action And Animated Video - Rock Star Content That *Crushes*

FlashPointLabs Makes Video That Make A Statement

FlashPointLabs has the production equipment, crew, and post production tools to write, shoot, and produce compelling video that ‘wows’ your customers and sets you apart from the rest.

Are You Committing Interruption 'Push' Egocentric Mass Marketing Mistakes?

Marketing Has Changed Ads Don't Perform Like In 2009

Web 2.0 empowered buyers and changed marketing *forever*. Ads have their place, but are ignored 99.5% of the time and only work *at huge scale*. This is ‘interruption marketing’, and it’s for rookies. See why.

The Buyer Journey Begins And Ends With The Buyer; You don't Take, You Receive

Are you trying to attract buyers with ads, brochures, and other seller-centric copy?

We Create Content That *Pulls* Traffic So You Don't Have To *Push* Unwelcome Ads

What if you created the content – videos, graphics, eBooks, how-to’s, articles – buyers seek, and gave it away? What would that do for traffic? For sales?

We Differentiate You

FlashPointLabs  identifies and articulates the *single* most important thing that’s different about you, making you a monopoly. 

We Create Amazing Content

Our consultants build a lead generation pipeline, creating high-value, relevant, content that makes you a ‘thought leader’. 

We Give Your Content Away

It’s easer to offer (content) than ask (for time and attention by showing ads). Paid and organic offer placement drives traffic, sign-ups, superfans, and sales. It gets *shared*.

Repeat Sales And Optimization

We watch to see how content performs in various channels, and we test, learn and optimize. We capture, nurture, and re-sell leads gathered in your CRM. 

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Why Is FlashPoint Labs Your Best Content Option?

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We Are FlashPointLabs Here On A Mission Of Mercy

Google and programmatic ad platforms are getting rich displaying your ads, while offering abysmally low click-through rates. What is it that Google doesn’t want you to know? How much more popular are organic links? How much more frequently do organic leads *convert*? 

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FlashPointLabs Reviews

Bryan James
Bryan James
President, MBS Engineering
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We got results like we never would have imagined. Our traffic went from 1,500 unique hits a month, with little engagement, to 30,000, with the same modest AdWords budget.
Roland Matte
Roland Matte
President, BullStaffing.Co
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FlashPoint was able to affordably redesign our website and get us started with simple content, for a great price.
Jason Olbourne
Jason Olbourne
A Million Mums
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We were delighted with the web design and hosting provided by FlashPointLabs.
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