Google Knows If People Buy From Or Visit You After Search This Is True Even For Off-Line Service Providers

Before you get spooked, consider that it’s the natural terminus of the Buyer’s Journey to result with someone engaging in commerce. 

Want to hear something shocking? Google knows if you buy a product after search, even if you patronize a real-world, brick-and-mortar business. And they have ways to deduce what your experience was: good, bad, or otherwise. 

This is true even if you don’t leave a review. And it’s probably true if you’ve turned off location tracking. 

Since we live in the real world, Google wants to anchor search back to that domain, and to consider outcomes and experiences, which then influence results on its search engine.  

And this makes sense: if you need a service or product, it’s in the real world. If it’s a digital product, or something you order from a vendor – not a place you go – they have ways of tracking that, also, and inferring what your experience was like.

If they didn’t do this: recognize that search culminates with a real-world exchange of money for a product or service, it would cripple the efficacy of search.

You’d have bad companies with good websites, and a disconnect that would not be meritocratic. 

Appropriately, Google does its best not to allow a bad company, service, or product to hide behind a pretty website.

Between mobile search, geo-tracking, reviews, and domain analytics, when people search, find you, hang out and then visit or order from you, Google knows.   

Google uses advanced algorithms, AI, and behavioral analytics to form inferences (which it is constantly making more accurate) about the quality of your product or service offering, whether it’s offered on- or offline, and this – in turn – impacts search rank. 

They ingest this data, make inferences about it on its own, and in light of your competitors. 

And the results of this analysis of offline data, in turn, impacts search visibility, online, or on the web. As to how much this impacts search engine results, only Google knows. The take-home is: don’t just help people along their Buyer Journey (with buyer-centric content), keep your customers happy with great products and services. With review platforms and ‘ripoff reports’, it’s almost impossible for a company to hide the quality of its work.