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December 2015

Choose And Serve A Demographic You Like

A Lot Of New Businesses Never Consider Who They’ll Be Spending Time With

This may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. If you don’t like lawyers, don’t market for a company that sells legal software. If you don’t like construction contractors, don’t market Kubota excavators.

Duh, right? Well, most people ignore this advice. Life is too short to become intimately involved with a class of people you don’t like. It isn’t enough to just love your product. If you sell HR software, but find HR people boring, or petty or bossy, how are you really going to understand their need, anticipate content they’ll find valuable, or otherwise serve them? You can’t be genuinely nice to people you don’t like, for very long.

This is true for salespeople, sure, but it’s equally true for marketers and advertisers, even product developers and principals.

If you try to market to people you don’t like or empathize with, you’re more likely to fail, for the reasons that the average product market is competitive and potential customers are savvy about who you are, and what you want. You cannot fake interest or affection. Super-star content comes from empathy and identifying with your customers.

This book is intended for people who want extraordinary results, and to get those, you need to take extraordinary measures – as clich├ęd as this expression is.

Make something you love, and they will love it, too.

It should be a particular interest to you that a book on marketing is talking about product development and who products are really built for. Ever call for customer support on a product that the employees themselves recognize is problematic or faulty? The morale is in the gutter. It’s very difficult for your employees to stand behind a product that they don’t like, or don’t believe in, or that they believe is overpriced or otherwise not competitive in the market.

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