The Master List Of Content Marketing Types And When To Use Them

Hold on to your butts; this took us a minute, but we’re here to help. This has been our experience, and we’re happy to dialogue, so reach out if you have questions or commentary.

  • Checkmarks mean ‘yes’, and X means ‘no’.
  • Anything that can be downloaded from a site can potentially be nested on that site or blog, except for eBooks. There are exceptions.
  • Anything that can be nested on a site can potentially be downloaded, except for blog posts. There are exceptions.
  • Video isn’t generally downloaded.
  • Brochures and web copy are seller-centric, and therefore aren’t ‘content’ (which we define as buyer-centric). 
  • Websites are ‘funnel tops’ and discoverable through Internet search, but also count as ‘mid-funnel’. 
  • Email and Social are appropriate for announcing or sharing any form of content; they’re not typically where content rests.