Zen Marketing Thought: It's A Long-Tail World. We Just Live In It.

While targeting the largest possible demographic, many companies enter a flooded market, not realizing that by saying ‘no’ and being different, they would establish a monopoly in a realistically-sized market.

A way to explain why and how a Unique Sales Proposition works is the long-tail phenomenon.

The Internet is a ‘long-tail’ world, which describes increasing specificity as you add qualifiers to a string of words.

In English, it means there’s a lot of information, products, services out there. And it’s organized in smaller and smaller concentric categories.

So, the search term (keyword) ‘house’ will bring up a billion search results, because it isn’t specific.

But if you add qualifiers, like ‘Austin house’, which is less specific than ‘Austin house for sale’, which is less specific than ‘Austin tiny house for sale’ – search turns up fewer hits, because of that specificity.

And that is where you want to be, at the end of the long-tail, where you are unique, or a monopoly.

If you want to compete at the top of the long-tail for that concept, the most basic and generic sense of the word, there’s billions of competing sites and players. But with the long-tail, you have a shot.

The ‘long tail’ is an explanation of how specificity reduces competition.