There Are 15,000 Ph.D.'s At Google You Aren't Going To Outsmart them

Google will love you when a) your products are loved offline, in real life, and b) when people love your website – or both. And at no point before that. It’ a lagging-edge phenomenon that you won’t outsmart with paid backlinks. 

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall (author, artist & social media expert)

All that brainpower at Google, and WordPress web developers in developing countries would have you believe that you can beat it all with 200 paid backlinks, for $10, on Fiverr. 

Not so much. Google’s entire brand and livelihood rests on search being game-proof, on it being difficult or impossible to manipulate their Page Rank. If it can be gamed or outsmarted, it won’t return relevance and quality, and is therefore worthless. 

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is valued at near $1TN; and owns and manages the two most-used search engines on the planet: Google and YouTube.

Google knows a website is just a website. It’s not an actual, physical, product or solution, or place people go. So, if your actual business is able to earn the love of people, you’ll do better with Google search rank. They’re looking at evidence of that love

Trying to rank first, 

  1. Without people who love your product or service, or 
  2. Without people who love your website

…is going to be difficult. Ideally, Google wants both kinds of love to align. 

Similarly, all the technical prowess in the world won’t have the impact that being strong in these areas will have. 

About 80% of search rank is people already loving your product and already loving your website/web experience.

The other 20% is ‘technicals’ like page load speed. Even backlinks and bounce rates (and other technical aspects of page rank) are indices to being loved.

Search engines like Google are looking for relevancy and quality as validated by humans. When they see that, only then do they bump your Page Rank. 

And no, you aren’t going to outsmart them.

About 80% of search rank is people already loving your product and already loving your website/web experience.

Keyword stuffing, paid backlinks, AI article spinners, churning out loads of low-value content – they will fail you, ultimately. 

Not being awesome, in real life, or on the web, or both, will fail you, ultimately. 

There is a de facto ‘SEO Arms Race’ between search engineers and unscrupulous webmasters, but the people at Google (the engineers) always end up having the last laugh.

Your best bet with SEO is to actually have a great product or service offering, first. Then, to create amazing website, with amazing content, that has objective value and which helps people.

In other words: you’re not getting more traffic because you’re not great. 

Honey, lately your low self-esteem is just good common sense. ~ Spanglish, Albert Brooks