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January 2016

Your Company Is Naked; Be Awesome In That Transparency

Don’t Pretend To Be Awesome; Actually *Be* Awesome – And Be YOU

I often get the question, “If I’m serving customers, is that not pandering?” Or, “How can you be giving stuff (content) away, and not be taken for granted.

Giving from a position of power and content domination is magnanimous. It’s not a psychological complex or neurosis or weakness – the kid who gives you his favorite toy so you’ll like him. It’s being nice not because you’re weak and need people to like you, but because you’re intelligent and understand the rules of the game. You can be strong, opinionated, differentiated, assertive – even aggressive – and still give stuff away.

Some dating books advise insecure men to act like jerks, to psych-out (mind-job) broken females. And similarly, some books have women playing hard to get, and pretending to be less available or interested than they are. While a pathological person could pretend to be something they’re not, for a time, and ‘score’ (whatever that means for them), you and your company, cannot.

People will see through you. In any case, you can’t be self-interested and treat people badly and win in marketing, in the Thank You Economy. If you are being of service, use, and providing value, inasmuch as it’s done sincerely, it’s magnanimous. If it’s not done sincerely, I don’t know that you’d look weak. I think you’d look phony. But that’s irrelevant, since this is not how marketing is done.  The big point here is don’t pretend to be awesome; actually be awesome. Do the groundwork. Design a great product. Lock-in your messaging, And then be generous.

There’s also an aspect of courage here; being yourself, showingyourself, picking a fight, having a take, having a world-saving mission statement – all take guts. And Karma (and crowds) rewards guts.

Be real, show yourself, serve – play by the rules – you won’t be dismissed, you’ll be appreciated.

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