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Your Web Traffic Is Looking For A Reason To Leave

Most of our clients never thought of it that way.  Your traffic is like like HR recruiters: the quicker they can roundfile (trash) any given resume, the easier it is to select viable candidates.  The same is true of websites.  Nobody visits your website without either expectations or judgments.  They don’t care about your financial constraints.  They don’t care if you haven’t hired good UI/UX personnel when you were focused on things looking pretty.

UI/UX and Contextual Marketing are closely related.  We consider UI/UX to be user-centered design.  And Contextual Marketing incorporates that, in addition to Information Architecture Design.  Both put you in the shoes of the visitor to your website.  And they’re all different from either a) Web Design, b) Web Development, or c) SEO.

Without these considerations, you can suffer from missing information, or friction points, or pages that lack a relevant (targeted) offer.

So, to restate that another way: you can have a beautiful website, that has cool functions – that still does not perform.  The typewriter didn’t produce more Ernest Hemingways.  Your website looking professional, even performing well with SEO, is quite different from thoughtful information architecture or human-centered design.

Designers make things visually appealing, and – make no mistake – spending money on good design is money well-spent.  It provides the perception of professionalism and validity.  But that’s not enough, and most companies stop there.

At FlashPointLabs, we take usability to heart.  We can look dispassionately at your site, test assumptions, and validate traffic engagement and flow issues you can expect to have, or are having already.