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Performance Audits + Remediation

Face It: You Were Snookered

Regrettably, the relative low cost and technical accessibility of a lot of Mar-Tech (or Ad-Tech) solutions have created a situation where fakers are everywhere.  They know 5% more about X (Salesforce or DemandBase or Everstring or Demand-Side Platforms) than you do, and they are more than happy to take your money and shine you on.

Or, you have an overworked person, in-house, who just isn’t able to handle all that Eloqua or Datalyze or CJ Affiliate or TheTradeDesk demand.

Our expertise is digging into your entire marketing operation and technical ecosystem, and leveraging expertise gleaned from decades of combined experience in technical (digital) marketing, to determine a) what is working and what is not, and b) to identify new operations that need to be rolled out – and to execute.