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Organic + SEO

There are 10,000 Ph.D’s At Google; You Aren’t Going To Outsmart Them. Sorry.

Google’s rather complex search algorithm is pointed at discerning relevancy and validity as an index to quality – assessed through off-line, real-world outcome monitoring from signals garnered from human beings (AI, machine learning, training data).

It is a predictive model of what happens when people with intent act on it, and the outcome is positive.

So, all the itty-bitty parts – from your .htaccess file, to your canonical URL tags, to block level analysis – boil down to a few root factors.  And that’s the way with many complex things; they are aimed at emulating or simulating something that is simple.

We have a solid handle on how the parts comprise the whole, and – without leaving boxes ‘unchecked’ – can step back and a) abide Google’s ‘white hat’ or Webmaster Guidelines, and b) exceed them (since we know what all the math is pointed at).  The shorthand way of saying it is that SEO is not marketing, it is removing impediments to your visibility.  We get rid of those, and moreover, we subtly tell Google (and Bing! and Yahoo!) that you don’t just look awesome; you actually are awesome.

The happy upshot is that we can increase traffic to your site, allowing the lion and the lamb to lie together, as the proverb goes.