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March 2016

Getting Your ‘House’ Ready For The ‘Party’

All Points Converge On Your Website; So Get It Ready For Traffic

You don’t throw a party without preparing your digs. The same thing happens before you put any messaging out there in The Ether, or select any channels for your ad placements. The order of the day is content. The same way you would clean your house, perhaps by party materials, food and beverages, get a subscription to Spotify or Pandora to provide music at your party. Pick up some tiki torches and gets logs for the fire pit. If you were to invite people over and you haven’t done these things, not only is it harder to attract them, but when they are there they’re not going to be happy.

Think diligently about the content your site will offer

You can segment your content into a few categories.

The first category is going to be content and creatives it ready to go as they are. Maybe they’ve been laying around. Maybe they need a spell check, but otherwise they can be spun out into blog content, or Graphics almost as is.

As I mentioned above, you can leverage everybody at your startup, or smallish company, whom this book is targeted at, to make some contribution to the content. People are very often interested in insights that salespeople might have, or Engineers, or even customer service. Sometimes fresh content needs to be created, from the ground up. In this case, there are several Contracting websites like Guru.com, or HireUp.com. My favorite is Fiverr.com.  They have a professional area on this website for very high and creative work, everything from engineering white papers and data sheets to Industry and analysts reports.

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