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November 2015

A Bunch Of Things Have To Go *Perfectly* For A Conversion

Review The Journey Your Buyers Take To See Where Your Falloff Is Happening, And Why

Marketing is placing the notice or advertisement for a good (product or service), messaged in a way that causes people to like or trust or believe you, positioned in an attention market such that your target demographic will see it, and either be aware that you’re offering X, or be motivated to take action to respond to your offer.

That’s it. It’s simple and yet complicated. How do you know their need? How do you know if the offer is strong? What should you offer? What about other markets and opportunity cost? Hopefully this book helps with some of this.

Working backward, every time something sells online:

  1. A person
  2. in a given company’s target demographic
  3. came to know about a product
  4. that they believe will
  5. alleviate a
  6. known problem
  7. that they have
  8. and moreover believe that amongst all of the competing products
  9. this one offers either the best solution or value for the solution,
  10. and they trust the signs suggesting
  11. the vendor’s ability to deliver the solution

Every time something sells, and without exception. Each of the qualifiers in the above paragraph is a potential friction point, or fall-away point for a lead. Fix them, all.

Maybe a potential lead doesn’t know about your product. Maybe they know about it, but it is more expensive than the next option. Maybe they know about your products and believe it can help them, but they do not believe in your ability to deliver it to them. If you are not thinking in this way, which is not intuitive at all, there’s a very good chance you are missing out on sales.

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