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February 2016

Contextual Marketing: Think Like Your Customer

I guarantee there are logical lacunae, friction points, dead ends, outdated information, and other problems on your website. You don’t think they’re important because you’re you, and we don’t see ourselves.

One of the first things that I do as a consultant is do a trial on board for a product. What tends to happen is the website slow, the form is poorly designed and asks for too much information for the offer. I get a crummy email that says nothing but that takes up my time.

There is a huge disparity between how most companies see themselves, and the actual user experience and information architecture and copy quality and value offerings made to their demographic. Not always, but often.

Similarly, you should audit your on-board (funnels and pipelines). Go through them like your customers will. With a new client, I do this. I get a string of emails from Pardot, or Marketo, or HubSpot, Eloqua. It’s just a sucky experience. And it sucks because the marketers and the executive never took the time to put themselves in the place of the customer, to perform a contextual marketing audit.

So pour over your site and onboard for user experience issues. Consider your design, taxonomy, copy, downloadable content, information architecture. Are you asking for too much information in exchange for an offering?

Consider the experience of your site, from your customers’ standpoint, and you’ll see a bunch of problems and friction points. Slow down and just do it.

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