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April 2016

All Success Is Crowd-Sourced

You Need An Audience To Help Not Just With Marketing – In A Selective Consumption ‘Thank You Economy – But To Purchase Your Products

A lot of people don’t take the time to think about this, but all success is crowd-sourced. And no, I don’t mean many others helped them in the effort. Even if you ‘succeed’ alone, others were indispensable in the realization of the success, through their participation; namely – buying, choosing, or selecting the good or service your success rests upon.

Paris Hilton, famous for doing nothing, had a success that was crowd-sourced. Others had to accept her as the ‘it’ girl for 5 years. Their participation was required. If nobody acknowledged or recognized her, it wouldn’t work. And this is true of Apple, of Ford, of Facebook, of Amazon. In some cases (Facebok, which used user-generated content and extant relationships), it is true in a couple of senses.

Pick anybody success in business, and a bunch of people gave them something (status, fame, time, attention, or money – or some combination). So, no matter how hard you work, you still need the participation of others.

Once you get your head there – that other people have to do stuff for your business venture to succeed – you can then approach the questions of how and why they would want to participate in your success.

Well? Of all the people and products and companies – why should anybody care about you?

Are you going to ignore this and try to take from them? Trick them? Use force, or repetition, or saturation, or unscrupulous targeting? Are you going to wear people down?

Or are you going to respect them and get real about the Selective Consumption world and the Thank You Economy? You cannot succeed without the agency of others. They have to do something – individually and in the aggregate.

They are smarter and more informed and more powerful than you are – indeed they are who and what permits your ‘success’.

So, disabuse yourself of ‘hunting’ them and submit to serving or rescuing them.

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